Update: A Dramatic Reading of One of my Shorts.

As the title states one of my short stories has been picked up by a podcast for a dramatic reading. If you have been … touched…. by my story Awoke then let me point you to Stories of Yore and Yours. The narrator has just released episode 35 which includes my story set to music with sound effects. Search it out wherever you listen to podcasts (iTunes, Google play, castbox, podbean, etc.) I am pleased with well he did in putting it together.


Bbb   Belgerant. Babbling, boisterous, blather. Black. Bleak beliefs begin to bubble. Brooding. Bothered by a bevy of abandonment. Breaking. Blitz breach by bedtime.   Berserk. Badgering beings bludgeoned. Broken. … Continue reading Bbb